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Image of You Yangs - Voluntary Park Fees Payment

You Yangs - Voluntary Park Fees Payment


Currently we cover the cost of the daily use fees for families in our You Yangs group.

We pay a yearly fee to Parks Victoria to be able to hold our events on Parks Victoria Land - we love the You Yangs and are happy to contribute this fee.

There is also a daily use fee of $2.40 per visit per adult & $1.60 per visit per child. We want to try our hardest not to pass this fee on to families and have decided to continue to offer our sessions at the most affordable price we are able to - taking into account facilitators costs, insurance, resources and land use fees.

In doing this we are offering the opportunity for families and individuals to make a voluntary contribution each term of $16 to help contribute towards the cost of the daily use fees.

We would love to keep this as an affordable Nature Playgroup for families as the You Yangs offers an amazing space for families to gather, explore and play.

Thankyou - we appreciate your purchase!

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